Terms of services

Explo technologies s a de C V sofom ENR., hereinafter referred to as “weshare”, address: Avenida Paseo de la Reforma, 42, ground floor, office a, cuauht é MOC delegation, Cologne Juarez, Mexico City, c.p.06600. We hereby provide you with the following terms and conditions: The use of www.weshare.mx website and weshare electronic application and access to the services provided by “weshare” will be regulated. Therefore, anyone who uses the website or purchases the “weshare” service (hereinafter referred to as “user”) must abide by this agreement.


Users must download the “weshare” app to their mobile phone or device.

In order for users to access the services provided by “weshare”, you must create and maintain an account in the application where you record your details. For this account, the user shall be fully responsible for its security and confidentiality as well as the password to access the account. Similarly, the user shall be fully responsible for the use of this account.

Users should provide the information required for registration. After successful registration, users will receive your account details. The user can then continue to request the business name service.

“Weshare” is a platform that needs stable Internet connection. In order to register and apply for a loan, users must connect to a secure Internet connection. Using the “weshare” service requires an Internet connection.

You also need to access the location so that “weshare” can verify and verify that the user is really in Mexico.

Users must fill in these fields as needed. The information provided must be valid and authentic as it will be verified and validated by “weshare”.

Weshare will process, collect, use and retain such data subject to the limitations of relevant laws and the implementation rules and regulations related to Mexico’s data privacy law, as well as the privacy notices provided to users.

Users must fill in the mobile phone number, password and verification code according to the instructions in order to use the “weshare” application correctly.

The user guarantees that all information provided to “weshare” is true and valid. Weshare “can verify and / or verify such information through credit service verification, bank information verification, background investigation, company information verification and other necessary information sources for legitimate access.

If “weshare” finds that the user has provided false and invalid information, or attempts to deceive or deceive “weshare” through fraud or conspiracy, “weshare” has the right to terminate or cancel the transaction with the user without proper notice.

Through this account, users can unilaterally upload their payment methods, identity information, access their services, and identify themselves in “weshare”. Any information provided by users must be true and testable, and can be verified and tested at any time.

If the user authenticates through the social network or similar media provided on the website, the user authorizes “weshare” to use the public data displayed on his account as appropriate.

The account can only be used for personal and non transferable purposes; Anyone who has lifted an account must be a mature and legitimate ability for their own account.

“Weshare” reserves the right to verify, suspend, terminate the account, delete or edit the content for any reasonable reason, including duplication, false or incomplete information of users, violation of these terms and conditions, Infringement of third party rights or crime or any act that damages weshare’s reputation or customer experience.

Registration is free and users are obliged to update the information provided at the time of registration.


The notice mentioned in these terms and conditions shall be sent to the user from “weshare” by e-mail or its account, any of which is the best way to send the notice required by “weshare” to the user, The user must know the information sent to him by email and his account, as the deadline is calculated from the date of the notification. ” Weshare shall not be responsible for the data not provided correctly by users, or the personal data and its management means (such as e-mail or account) prevent the communication of “weshare”. Similarly, “weshare” shall not be responsible for the omission of queries by users.

Using services

These services can only be used by people over the age of 18 and under the age of 55. ” Weshare “reserves the right to verify the authenticity and status of your identity.

Acceptance of L / C application will be shown on the application form. You acknowledge and agree that accepting your L / C application will not create any contractual relationship between you and us, beyond the terms and conditions of your application for opening an account in our application.

Therefore, you explicitly authorize “weshare” to investigate your credit behavior in the company through authorized officials when you think it is appropriate. Similarly, you agree to understand the scope and nature of the information obtained by “weshare” and, with your express authorization, check your credit records within 3 years from the date of issue and during the period when “weshare” has a legal relationship with you.

“Weshare” reserves the right to reject your L / C application.


The “weshare” service you provide through the website can be provided to users on the website through the account you use. These services shall be freely selected by the user and shall comply with the following terms and conditions applicable to each service, which shall be signed by the user at the time of service request:

1. “Weshare” is a company providing personal loan services and loan management services.

2. Users apply for personal loans through “weshare” and provide basic information for “weshare” to verify, verify and cross reference these information to approve loans.

3. “Weshare” is a local service tailored to the needs of Mexicans. The use of “weshare” service from outside Mexico will be rejected immediately.

4. The user expressly agrees that if the user violates its terms and conditions before or during the period of any service or product it intends to enter into a contract with “weshare”, weshare shall have the right to:

Yeah. If the loan is in progress, it will be rejected directly;

B. Other matters If the loan has been approved, the loan shall be cancelled and the user shall be responsible for the total amount of the loan together with interest and / or damages, as the case may be;

C. Conclusion If, after the cancellation of the loan, the user fails to settle the due amount according to the regulations, “weshare” will be regarded as an overdue account and will transfer it to the relevant department for collection;

D. If the collection attempt fails due to the inability to contact the user and his reference contacts, “weshare” will, inter Alia, attempt to contact the telephone contacts collected from the user in accordance with the restrictions prescribed by the relevant laws. Except for the user name and contact information of “weshare”, the loan information shall not be disclosed to the third party contact.

5. Users fully understand that your loan can be rejected by “weshare” without “weshare” disclosing the reasons for rejection. Users have no right to request review, reassessment or other forms of application to reassess the rejected loan.

User’s obligation to service:

(a) Maintain regular paid work and have the financial capacity to pay the required loan.

(b) Agrees and will implement these provisions with full responsibility and good faith, and has no intention to violate the rules in these provisions and applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to money laundering, tax evasion and anti terrorism regulations) shall not:

1. Provide false, false, fraudulent and invalid information to ensure “weshare” loan;

2. Provide misleading information to “weshare”;

(3) Conspire, collude or otherwise plan to guarantee or make loans with the directors, partners and employees of weshare;

4. Attempt to commit or commit fraud during or before the validity of these terms and conditions.

(d) Users freely agree to this clause in their own name, free from any coercion or intimidation, and understand the content and consequences of this clause.

Breach of the above commitment will result in the cancellation of these terms and conditions, and the user will be liable for interest and / or damages on the total loan amount, as the case may be.

Charging process

The user agrees that “weshare” shall carry out the following activities as a part of charge management:

(a) “Weshare” should contact the emergency contact provided and can try to collect at that emergency contact.

(b) If the provided emergency contact can not be contacted, or it is false or invalid information, the user authorizes and agrees “weshare” to use the collected telephone contact to find the user. Weshare “shall not disclose or disclose any information about its relationship with users. However, “weshare” will inform the third-party contact that the user cannot be contacted, “weshare” will need new user contact information.

(c) In case of late payment, weshare has the right to seek legal remedy by giving notice on the user’s account, seeking the assistance of the receiving company, or bringing appropriate civil and criminal proceedings against the wrong user.

(d) “Weshare” has the right to transfer, transfer or transfer all or part of the claim to a third party, including but not limited to the use of the collection company. The user agrees, agrees and authorizes “weshare” to disclose necessary information so that the collection company can fully realize its purpose under the restriction of personal data protection rules.

(e) The collection attempt can be stopped only after the minimum amount due is settled in full or the user agrees to settle on a specific date. If the payment agreement is not settled, “weshare” will continue to make collection attempts in accordance with these terms and conditions.

System or database violations

No equipment, software or other means intended to interfere with “weshare” activities and operations and “weshare” descriptions, configuration files or databases are allowed to operate or use. Any intervention, attempt or activity that violates or violates the intellectual property law and / or the prohibitions stipulated in this contract shall make it responsible for taking appropriate legal actions and be punished according to these terms and conditions, And the damage caused by compensation.

System failure

“Weshare” shall not be liable for any damage, injury or loss caused to users due to system, server or Internet failure. Weshare “is also not responsible for any virus that infects the user’s computer by accessing, using or checking your website or any data, file, image, text or audio transmission contained therein. Users shall not bear any responsibility or claim compensation for loss of profits due to technical difficulties or system or Internet failures. ” “Weshare” does not guarantee that your website will continue to be accessible or used without interruption. The system may eventually become unavailable due to technical difficulties or Internet failure, or any other circumstances other than “weshare”; In such cases, restitution should be made as quickly as possible without any responsibility for that. ” Weshare “is not responsible for any errors or omissions on your website.

Intellectual property (link)

The screen content related to the “weshare” service and the programs, databases, networks and files that allow users to access and use their personal data belong to “weshare” and are protected by international copyright, trademark, patent law and treaties, Industrial modeling and design Unless expressly authorized in writing by “weshare”, abuse and reproduction in whole or in part of these contents are prohibited.

The site may contain links to other sites, but this does not mean that these sites are owned or operated by “weshare”. As “weshare” has no control over such websites, it shall not be liable for any content, materials, actions and / or services provided by it, as well as any damage or loss directly or indirectly caused by the use of these websites. The existence of links to other sites does not mean collaboration, relationships, approvals and “weshare” support for these sites and their content.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

These terms and conditions shall be governed in all respects by the laws in force in the Republic of Mexico, in particular with regard to data messages, electronic contracting and electronic commerce, and shall comply with their respective federal laws. The existence, validity, interpretation, scope or performance of any dispute arising therefrom shall be governed by applicable laws and competent courts.

The parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the competent courts in Mexico City for the interpretation, performance and enforcement of this contract and hereby renounce any jurisdiction arising from their present or future residences.

Privacy of personal data

Once you register with this website, weshare will not sell, rent or share your personal data unless you do so in the manner specified in our privacy statement. We will make every effort to protect information privacy. According to court order or laws and regulations, “weshare” may be forced to disclose information to authorities or third parties under certain circumstances, If a third party can intercept or access certain information or data transmission, in this case, “weshare” will not be responsible for the disclosed information.

If you have any questions about the protection and maintenance of users’ personal information, please feel free to check our privacy policy.


Weshare is obliged to comply with all applicable rules applicable to personal data security measures. In addition, “weshare” uses industry standards to protect the confidentiality of your personal data, including the use of secure sockets layer (“SSL”) in other measures.

“Weshare” regards the user’s data as an asset and must protect it from any loss or unauthorized access. We use a variety of security technologies to protect these data from unauthorized access by users inside and outside the company. However, it must be borne in mind that there is no perfect security on the Internet.

The personal data of all users will be stored in the automatic personal data file.

Tax revenue

User agrees and is responsible for the calculation and payment of its tax liability and any other formalities that may result in the use of the personal loan service, or / and, where appropriate, authorizes weshare to withhold the corresponding tax in accordance with applicable tax laws.

Authority’s orders – legal requirements

Weshare works with competent authorities and other third parties to ensure compliance with the law, such as in the protection of industrial and intellectual property rights, fraud prevention and other matters.

“Weshare” may disclose the personal data of its users at the request of competent judicial or governmental authorities for the purpose of investigation, even without administrative or judicial orders or subpoenas, Or, for example (but not limited to this case), involving criminal or fraud investigations or investigations related to computer piracy or copyright infringement. In such cases, weshare should work with the competent authorities to maintain the integrity and safety of the community and its users.

“Weshare” may (and is expressly authorized by the user) disclose any personal information of its users in order to comply with applicable laws and to cooperate with competent authorities in any illegal or fraud investigation to the extent we consider necessary and appropriate in our discretion, Infringement of industrial or intellectual property rights, or other illegal activities, or may cause “weshare” or its users to bear any legal liability. In addition, we can (and are explicitly authorized by the user) communicate your full name, pseudoname, address, city, region, postcode, country, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. in such manner as “weshare” considers necessary or appropriate in connection with the fraud investigation, Infringement of industrial or intellectual property rights, piracy or any other illegal activity. This right will be exercised by “weshare” to facilitate law enforcement and enforcement, regardless of whether there is a judicial or administrative order.

In addition, “weshare” reserves the right to disclose its user information to other users, entities or third parties, provided that there are sufficient reasons to believe that the user’s activities are suspected of attempting or committing a crime or attempting to harm others. Weshare will use this right at its sole discretion as it deems appropriate or necessary to maintain the integrity and safety of the community and its users, implement the general terms and conditions of the website and other policies, and cooperate with law enforcement. This right will be exercised by “weshare” regardless of whether there is a judicial or administrative order.

Contact information

Users can contact the customer service center to learn about policies ranging from (xplo technologies s a de C V sofom ENR.) to email weshare@fintech.com , or telephone number (+ 52 5541609932). These data, in turn, are used to enable users to submit any type of inquiry, claim and / or clarification, either in physical or electronic form, at their home on Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, 42, first floor, a-office, Cologne, ciuht é MOC mission, Mexico City, c.p.06600.